How to find peace within pain


A 12-week body-mind reset

I'll give you the roadmap to full embodied grieving so that whenever loss occurs you will have the tools and the confidence to be with the pain.

Learn how to be fully grounded so you can feel safe in your body, and connect to your inner strength.

Feel confident moving through hard emotions when they arise, and know what to do when you are avoiding them. 

Experience being seen, heard and supported as you move through the program. No more doing it alone. 

What You'll Receive When You Join This Training

12 Course Modules

Weekly bite-sized, downloadable course modules. The focus is on demystifying grief and introducing you to somatic (body based) practices

Body Based & Neurosensory Exercises

Designed to nurture and support your body, these phyical and audio exercises will settle and balance your nervous system, release tension and increase your capacity for feelings. 

12 Live Group Calls 

Weekly 75 minute Zoom calls where we will check in, discuss each module, answer questions, provide additional support & experience the body based practices powerfully as a group. 

Worksheets & Resources

Receive supporting resources and worksheets  to help you understand what grief looks like uniquely for you, and to help you travel through each module with ease.

Somatic Journal

This downloadable Somatic Journal allows you to track your experience as you move through the program. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. 

Private Messenger Group

Exclusive access to our members only Messenger page. Here, you will be connected with the other members of your group so you can share, receive ongoing support and stay connected. 

Amazing Reviews

The whole concept of body energy was a new one for me, but with an open mind and the support of Tania, I have learned some great tools for managing different circumstances and emotions; this has genuinely helped me to be more grounded, present and at ease with myself. 

- Brett T

Tania is medicine for the soul. 


- David P

Tania has a way of making me feel safe to dig deep into my traumas, and enables me to release trapped energies safely. I highly recommend embarking on this journey, which really is a relationship of returning to yourself. 

- Hannah M


Module 1 - How to find safety in the program


Discover truths about grief and growth. Learn ways to feel safe within the group so you can get the most out of the program. 


Module 2 - How to find safety in your body

Learn how to ground yourself. Learn what safety feels like in your body and how to find your inner stillness (even when things feel chaotic).


Module 3 - How to track sensations, emotions and images

Learn the nature of how your body communicates with you and how you uniquely feel grief.

What You’ll Learn In This Training


Module 4 - How to track your own grief journey

Learn how to uncover your truth about grief in your life. 


Module 5 - How to track and balance your nervous system

Learn the nervous system basics, and how energy flows or blocks in your body. This will deepen your connection to yourself and increase your capacity for feelings.


Module 6 - How to be with hard feelings

Learn ways to move your body to allow feelings to flow in a safe contained way. This reduces stress on the body and can invite moments of peace. 


Module 7 - How to be with resistance 

Learn what to do when you are avoiding feelings or when you are feeling guilt or shame.


Module 8 - How to unwind after feeling emotions

Learn how to bring your body back to a place of safety after an emotional ride. 


Module 9 - How to be with anger

Learn the importance of anger and how to be with it, and move through it, in a positve healthy way. 


Module 10 - How to complete the incomplete

Learn ways to find resolution for any unfinished business on your journey with grief.   


Module 11 - How to create an empowered self-care plan

Using the learnings from the previous modules you will create a simple yet powerful embodied self-care plan.


Module 12 - Arriving at a new beginning

Own your story! Find clarity on what you want for yourself moving forward. This will be an opportunity to explore and share your journey with the group.

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Up-Front Price
$2,997 AUD

12 x week course modules

12 x week live group calls

Body-based and neurosensory exercises

Worksheets and resources

Somatic Journal

Online community

Lifetime access

Payment Plan Price
3 x $ 1,100 AUD

12 x week course modules

12 x week live group calls

Body-based and neurosensory exercises

Worksheets and resources

Somatic Journal

Online community

Lifetime access

Here Are Your Questions Answered

Question 1

Who is this program suitable for?


This program is suitalbe for adults who are in the rebuilding phase of their grief journey, and those that would like to explore grief in a somatic way.

If you are recently bereaved, this program may not offer you as much support as you need, and 1:1 coaching may be of more support at this acute time of grief. 

If you are still unsure, we can set up a call and see if this is the right fit for you. 

Question 2

How much time should I set aside to work on this?


1 x hour per week for the written exercises.

Up to 20 mins for the body based exercises and audio practices. You are encouraged to practice the body-based exercises and audios daily. 

The program has been designed to be manageable and to fit in with your daily routines.

Question 3

Where do I watch the sessions?

The learning modules will be recorded and sent to you.  

The group calls will be on Zoom. Please note, due to the nature of the program, these calls will NOT be recorded so it is advisable to attend. 

Question 4

Can I purchase additional coaching sessions?

Yes, absolutely!

If you would like to continue your growth journey after completing the Grief Grounded program, or in conjunction with it, you can work with me in private 1:1 coaching sessions. 

Question 5

How long are the sessions?

The learning modules will be between 30-60 mins, split into bite-sized recordings. 

The zoom calls will be 75 mins, including time for questions. 

Question 6

Is there a money back guarantee?

This program has a no refund policy.  

For the integrity of the program, the group participating, and for my business, I cannot offer refunds. 

By joining the program you are making a commitment towards yourself and your healing. 

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